Providing food, warmth, and a path home
for homeless men, women, and children.

Homeless Child Women & Children are given a safe place to be where they are welcomed, encouraged, and listened to.
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Mustard Seed School
Homeless Women Food for the hungry. Our dining room is open seven days a week providing a hot freshly made meal for 500-600 people everyday.
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Dining Room
Homeless Men Help for men. We provide a safe and dignifying place for anyone in need. All are welcome and given face-to-face help.
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Friendship Park

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No Government Funds

Loaves & Fishes does not accept government funds. This means your support is vital. You keep the work of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless going.

By accepting no government funds we're able to operate in a way that serves those in need the best and not just what suites the politicians. We are free to be a voice for homeless men, women, and children and when necessary stand up to government officials without fear of losing our funding.

Your support is essential! When the entire Sacramento community comes together we can do incredible things.

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North C Street Stories

You will find the personal stories of our guests, staff, and volunteers here.
This behind the scenes look will give you a unique glimpse into the
struggles and victories that occur each day at Loaves & Fishes.

North C Street Stories - Little Caesars Pizza Day
Little Caesars Pizza Day
North C Street Stories - It's a nice thing to do.
It's a nice thing to do
North C Street Stories - Children sleeping outside: we need shelter.
Children sleeping outside: we...

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PO Box 13495
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