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City Police Confiscate Sleeping Bags and Tents from Homeless

Police came to SafeGround early this morning and forced everyone to leave. They spent 3 hours going through and confiscating sleeping bags and tents. The campers were then let back in, where they found the rest of their belongings dumped in the dirt.

A group of about 30 homeless campers in Sacramento established SafeGround on 7/21/09 on a vacant lot near downtown Sacramento . The property owner, Attorney Mark Merin, has given permission to the campers to live on his property. The campers elected a Council of Elders, adopted the following rules and have each signed an agreement to honor them: no drugs, no alcohol, no violence. The community prepares communal meals, shares resources and looks after each other. Ages range from the twenties to senior citizens; some are physically disabled; the younger campers are actively seeking work. Many are former residents of Sacramento's infamous Tent City .

Over 1,200 homeless people in Sacramento must sleep outside every night for lack of better options. The shelters are overflowing; thousands are on the waiting lists for housing assistance. Homeless persons, social service agencies and local businesses have joined together to establish a safe, decent, legal campground in Sacramento


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