October Needs List

Mustard Seed School
Children's Belts
Healthy Snacks - Fresh fruit, granola bars, gogurt, string cheese, etc...
Clorox Wipes
Children's New Rain Gear

Friendship Park
Ground Coffee
Coffee Mugs
Men's Shoes
Travel Size Tooth Paste

Women's New Underwear
Sleeping Bags & Blankets
Adult Tennis Shoes
Baby Wipes
Size 5 & 6 Diapers

Jail Visitation
Men's Disposable Razors

Reading Glasses
Old Prescription Glasses

Items can be delivered to our warehouse:
1351 North C Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Monday through Friday 7am to 3:00pm.

**Please call us at 916-637-2448 to schedule delivery of larger quantities.

Thank You!

We could not accomplish our mission of serving our poor and homeless brothers and sisters without the support of community. Thank you to everyone who has participated in donating to Loaves & Fishes from our ongoing Needs Lists. Our programs have received everything from carpet cleaning service to violins. Your thoughtfulness amazes us and is very much appreciated.


Ongoing Needs List

We are constantly in need of goods and supplies in order to provide the best possible service to our guests. Below is a list of goods we are in need of. If you can be of assistance in providing any of these goods, please contact us.

Baby Items
Diapers (large & toddler sizes)
Baby wipes
Baby juices
Powdered formula
Baby bottles (plastic)
Baby food

Canned food
Large dry food
Pet Carriers

Guest's Gear
Sleeping bags
Small plastic tarps
Towels & Washcloths
Small can openers
Bike tire patch kits
Bike lights
Large candles
AA batteries
Reading glasses
RT bus passes

Special Clothing
Because we do not have a clothing closet we can only accept these items:
Rain ponchos
New socks
New underwear (Men & Women)
New bras
Stretch gloves
Knit hats
Tennis Shoes (Men & Women)

Paper Goods What about a paper drive? (We are unable to use most canned foods.)
Toilet paper
Paper napkins
Paper towels
Paper cups
Small Dixie cups

Dining Room & Food Supplies
Coffee mugs
Metal forks
Large zip lock bags
Fast food coupons
Salt & Pepper (Large)

Hygiene Items
Razors and after shave
Q Tips
Depends (adult diapers)
Tooth paste and brushes
Shampoos (Large & Small)
Conditioners (Small)
Lotions (Small)
Small sewing kits
Small first aid kits


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Contact Us

Street Address:
1351 North C. St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

PO Box 13495
Sacramento, CA 95813

Phone: 916-446-0874
Fax: 916-446-0875

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