August 2014 Newsletter

Dear friend of Loaves & Fishes,

Eric, after a long days work packing food for drought victims.

Your ongoing support has been such a blessing and encouragement. Without your prayers, donations, and volunteer hours it wouldn’t be possible to help people like Eric.

Let me tell you about Eric.

Eric works hard everyday packing food into boxes for drought victims here in California. Eric is homeless, but, he’s been saving money, “My goal is to save enough to get into my own place.” For now he sleeps outside or when available in a church or shelter.

Each day we see Eric, and thirty five other of our homeless guests, load into a bus for a ride to work from the Loaves & Fishes campus. When they arrive at the California Foodlink warehouse they quickly get busy sorting, stacking, and packing non-perishable food into boxes. This goes on all day, “It’s repetitious, but I move around, and it’s easy work.” Eric is happy just to have a job.

By the end of the day, our guests have packed over 60 pallets of food boxes for those in need. Eric understands the importance of their work is two fold, “Getting paid for helping people out, that’s a good thing.” The program’s aim is to provide food for drought victims here in California, but through purposeful planning it’s also helping the hungry and homeless in Sacramento too.

Your donations have allowed us to serve the poor and hungry of Sacramento for over three decades. It’s because of your consistency that we’ve been able to partner with places like California Emergency Foodlink that hires our homeless guests and gives them opportunities to save for their own apartment.

But the work is not done. Every day we see men, women, and children in need of basic services - a hot meal, clean water, mental health counseling, clean restrooms, a safe place to be, and a welcoming smile. Everyday we work with men and women like Eric, who have lost their home, lost their job, and often lost their sense of self worth.

That’s why I need your help. I’m not willing to let one day go by where any man, woman, or child in Sacramento goes hungry, thirsty, or without a safe place to be.

Your donation is essential to providing these life giving services. Please click here to donate today.

God Bless!

Sister Libby Fernandez Executive Director

P.S. Your donations provide life giving services and genuine opportunities for our homeless guests. Thank you for being a part of this and making a donation today by clicking here.


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