December Newsletter 2014

Dear Friend of Loaves & Fishes,

One of our disabled guests receiving housing information.

Thomas sleeps with a blanket over his head covering his electric wheel chair. When it rains he uses a tarp. It’s an uncomfortable way to live and Winter makes it worse.

Thankfully, because of your donations, I get to open the doors to our Welcoming Center each morning and usher Thomas into the warmth, serve him a cup of coffee, and give him a chance to charge his wheelchair.

As I greet Thomas each morning, we exchange gifts. Mine is warmth and hospitality to him, and his is a smile and gratitude to me and an opportunity for me to be of service.

The experience reminds me of the birth of Jesus, God’s gift to the world. Jesus’ birth was marked by the appearance of a radiant new star in the heavens. This star announced “Good News” to impoverished shepherds keeping watch in the fields as well as to Magi, kings from far away lands. The radian star brought the shepherds and the Magi to the newborn king in the stable. The shepherds bringing only themselves to worship and the Magi bringing valuable gifts.

What an anomaly that was. The newborn King in the stable received gifts from poor shepherds and the Magi, all precious to him. The “Good News” was for the poor and the wealthy alike.

And so it has been for the last 2,000 years. If we reflect on it, Loaves & Fishes is also an anomaly. People blessed with the wherewithal to live in comfort and those, who for many reasons, cannot cope, become a community working together. Now, at Christmas, let’s look upon our less fortunate sisters and brothers with Love and realize they are gifts from God in our lives. We are gifts to one another.

Who would have imagined that we would be offering hospitality in the form of electricity for these individuals, and in turn they share their life stories and wisdom. Gift for gift. Mathew 25 stretches out to meet the new millennium. We are here to do this work, and your gifts to us and our guests make this possible.

I have so much gratitude for your generosity. Yet, we ask for more. We ask again and again and you respond. On behalf of our guests who receive your gifts we thank you abundantly and appreciate your generosity especially during this special winter season. Please click here to donate today. God Bless you and yours with everything you wish and ask for.

Gratefully yours,

Chris Delany
Loaves & Fishes

P.S. Your donation means Thomas will have a hot meal, a warm shelter, and a place to re-charge. Please click here to donate today.


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