September 2018 Newsletter

A Mustard Seed student adds a splash of color to their summer session art project..

Dear Friend,

For many of us, September means preparing children to go back to school. Department stores buzz with families picking up backpacks, school supplies, clothes, and shoes to kick off the brand new school year. Kids are often excited to start new classes, see all of their friends, and share the fun adventures they had during the summer months.

This excitement is often a stark contrast to the situation that our guests’ children face. Experiencing homelessness has an immense negative impact on children. Children without a home are sick more often, and have greater rates of behavioral problems, emotional problems, developmental delays and learning disabilities than children with a stable home. Walking past the tents that line certain streets, I will sometimes see the head of a child dart back inside, trying to keep out of sight. Other times, I see children smiling and laughing with their parents, having momentarily pushed the car or tent that they call “home” out of their thoughts. Knowing the odds that are stacked against these children, and the staggering number of families in our community that have to make do this way, keeps me awake at night.

Loaves & Fishes’ Mustard Seed School is our response to the challenges children experiencing homelessness have to face. Mustard Seed is above all a safe, nurturing, and structured environment for our youngest guests; our greatest task is to help them relax and form happy memories amid a positive learning experience. Our staff teach not only the fundamentals that children need to keep pace with their public school peers, but also strategies for self-awareness, responding to stress, and relating to others.

However, children experiencing homelessness need much more than a day at school can provide. This is why Mustard Seed also offers food and survival resources, clothing and shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling for children and their parents, and assistance entering or reentering public schools. We also offer a summer program so our students have an enriching place to go when public schools normally close their doors. This summer our program focused on art, culminating with a student showcase of their painting and photography skills, and a wonderful new mural from local artist Shonna McDaniels.

We need your support to continue providing critical, enriching programs like Mustard Seed. Please make a donation, and help provide survival services to men, women, and children who are without a home.

Thank you again for your continued support, and for making such a profound difference in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director


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