March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Few aspects of this work are as hard as seeing homeless families. Just the other day I turned a corner and saw several families staying in tents on the sidewalk. Children that couldn’t have been older than two or three waited for when the family would inevitably need to pack up and move, or head to one of their many social service appointments.

Families are particularly impacted by the housing crisis that we are seeing up and down California, and more of our own neighbors experience homelessness as the year passes.

Recent numbers indicate that Sacramento shelters can accommodate one hundred families at very most, but over seven hundred families are currently on the wait list. In the meantime, over three hundred of these waiting families report that they sleep in vehicles or directly on the street.

Your donations make a true and lasting difference for these families. By supporting Loaves & Fishes, you support programs like Mustard Seed School, which provides some of the only structured education and positive, safe environments that these children see all week. Forty to fifty preschool to eighth grade students attend every weekday for an approved Montessori-style curriculum, a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and other critical resources to help our students continue their education and keep pace with their peers.

Your donations also support Maryhouse, a daytime drop-in program ready with hospitality and survival services for our guests. Women and children experiencing homelessness can come to Maryhouse for everything from meals, showers, and diapers to resource counseling.

Please make a donation to help us continue providing homeless families with hot meals, showers, clean clothing, legal assistance, primary education, and connections to community resources. From the most necessary survival needs to the hope of a stable and sheltered tomorrow, our programs make a lasting difference in our guests’ lives.

Thank you again for your continued support, and for making such a profound difference in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director

P.S. Your donation will be put to work immediately providing essential life saving services. Please make a donation today.


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