July 2018 Newsletter

Mustard Seed students enjoying a fun, comfortable lunch atmosphere and a special food truck menu.

Dear Friend,

None of the miraculous work that I’ve seen at Loaves & Fishes in the past year, to say nothing of the past thirty-five years, could happen without the generous community that surrounds and supports us. Community is not just our reason for being, but our reason for thriving.

Just a few weeks ago a dozen food trucks from SactoMoFo, a local group of seriously delicious mobile food vendors, circled around our Delany Center parking lot to treat our guests to a special afternoon. In lieu of our usual meal in our Dining Room put together by dedicated volunteers, our guests experienced a a small street festival complete with live music. Each of the men, women, and children served got both a meal ticket and a dessert ticket that meant more than just lunch – it meant the freedom and the power to choose what they want.

Events like this are incredibly significant to our guests. The warmth, dignity, and generosity of the event felt more like a community event or a block party than a service program for those experiencing homelessness. It was a momentary escape for many of our guests – escape from the harsh realities of living on the streets, often in fear and constant anxiety of what the next moment might bring. For at least a few hours our guests had an opportunity to take a breath, eat some really great food, share a smile, and have their spirits lifted. Your support makes this possible.

Twelve food trucks donated their time, labor, and food for a special menu.

Events like this fill me with pride for our Sacramento community, as well as hope for the future. When people come together to care for our less fortunate neighbors, it strengthens my conviction that we, as a community, are on the right path.

We could not provide all of our survival services to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness without your support. Food, shelter, showers, clothing, education, counseling, and so many other services are available to our guests on a daily basis, but not without the community giving that has kept us thriving for thirty-five years.

Please make a donation to Loaves & Fishes, so we can continue to provide survival services, dignity, and hope to each guest that comes to us. Thank you again for your continued support, and for making such a profound difference in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director


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