June 2018 Newsletter

A guest carrying their life on their back.

Dear Friend,

As my first full year with Loaves & Fishes draws to a close, I find that inspiration is the defining theme. Our guests inspire me every day. The men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in Sacramento face a daily, often losing battle against harsh elements, hunger, locked or nonexistent restrooms, and few paths leading out.

To say that living on the streets is hard is a tragic understatement. Each person who has found themselves without a home is strong in ways that many of us can’t even comprehend. They survive each day as it comes, holding to the hope that tomorrow will be better.

Your support is the reason that inspiration is never scarce here. Through your donations, community efforts, and social media support, you help make tomorrow a better day for these men, women and children.

A restful moment in Friendship Park.

Thanks to you, guest Robert was able to follow through on his New Year’s Resolution to get off of the streets. Robert came to Loaves & Fishes for meals, showers, clothes, and other survival services for months, during which time we connected him to shelter and a work program. Recently, he found his way into transitional housing. Robert is thrilled and hopeful for the new chapter in his life that you helped him write!

Please donate so we can have more inspiring stories like Robert’s to tell. Each bright new beginning lights the way for our entire community of guests to follow. Loaves & Fishes does not accept government funds, and we fund our many programs through private donations.

Thank you again for your inspiring generosity, and for the profound difference you make in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director


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