May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Loaves & Fishes,

Mondays have a bad reputation, but our guests at Loaves & Fishes consider it a special day. Any beginning of the week mania gets overshadowed by excitement for “Chicken Monday,” a year- old tradition in our Dining Room that quickly gained a following. This past Monday we served chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. A hot meal is the most primary need we serve, and the longest running: in the Dining Room’s thirty-five years, closing for only one day a year, we have served nearly eight million meals.

Our Dining Room started it all, but Loaves & Fishes is so much more than a meal to our guests.

Our guests start at Friendship Park for breakfast and coffee, a ticket for lunch, and connections to community resources to help them out of homelessness. Their pets can get some food, water, and a peaceful place to nap at our Anneke’s Haven daily kennel. On the second Saturday of the month they can get shots, spay or neuter, and other free veterinary care at Mercer Clinic. Hot showers, clothing, and laundry are available to men at the Washhouse, while women and families can stop by Maryhouse for showers, supplies, and survival resources. Our youngest guests can enjoy an engaging, attentive day in class at our Mustard Seed emergency school. Guests who need it can stop by Genesis for free counseling and mental health care connections, or Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic for free legal resources and community service fulfillment.

After lunch in the Dining Room, guests might run into some of the residents at Sister Nora’s Place, a shelter that helps single, chronically homeless women with chronic mental health issues transition to community housing. Staff and volunteers visit inmates at the Sacramento County Jail, advocate on their behalf, and help with resources and referrals upon release through our Jail Visitation Program. All the while, our Advocacy Program provides a voice for homeless men, women, and children with an emphasis on the need for dignified, compassionate survival services, and decent, affordable housing.

Our Dining Room is essential, and is even more impactful today as the housing crisis continues to push homelessness numbers higher and higher. The importance of a warm meal to those forced to live outside on the streets goes beyond just the food; it is an affirmation of their dignity, and of hope for a better tomorrow.

Your donations are the reason that we can offer our guests so much, from the basics to the start of a brave new life. Thank you again for your continue support, and for making such a profound difference in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director

P.S. Your donation will be put to work immediately providing essential life saving services. Please make a donation today.


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