March 2012 Newsletter

Daniel Muzicka and David Moss

Dear friend of Loaves & Fishes,

We want to offer a special thanks to all the Loaves & Fishes staff members and volunteers who take the time to slow down and offer our guests a warm greeting, a smile or a listening ear. It seems a small thing but the healing power of human connection is immense. Every act of kindness is meaningful; every act of kindness has a beneficiary; every act of kindness has repercussions.

One of our guests, Tim Buckley, remembers the difference the kindness of one Loaves & Fishes staff member made in his life:

“The hardest part of being homeless in America is accepting that one has not had success in this country – a country known for its success stories. Accepting the impermanence of having to move every morning. Not having a home, feeling like a loser, a weakling. Whether it’s true or not, this is how you’re made to feel.

You’re just minding your own business and here come the rangers again, forcing you to move. Then it rains and your little home is flooded.

I’ve been a drug addict and an alcoholic, though I have recovered and have been freed from the bondage of addiction.

I’ve also had head injuries which make life harder.

I’ve always been a little depressed. I didn’t have the best coping skills.

Once I became homeless, though, I thought I was going to die. I thought I would literally cease to be.

I finally came to Loaves & Fishes. David Moss was so kind to me. David was so patient and so sincere. Talking to him was like crawling onto a lifeboat after feeling like I was going to drown. It didn’t matter who I was – he was loving to everyone. I had lost everything and had suffered so much hurt and I really needed someone to show me kindness.”

A day at Loaves & Fishes is composed of a thousand small kindnesses - coffee and donated pastries at Friendship Park, the loan of a paperback thriller from the library, a warm, brightly colored jacket for an eight year old, the unflagging support of a staff member at Maryhouse for a very newly clean and sober woman, the patience of a volunteer with a surly guest.

“I had lost everything and had suffered so much hurt and I really needed someone to show me kindness.”

Thank you for deciding to be that someone. Your donation, your gift of yourself, is a lifeboat for someone. Please accept our thanks for your generosity.

Peace and Love

Loaves & Fishes

P.S. Tim Buckley now has a part-time job and rents a small room in a shared house.

Rev. David Moss and his wife have retired to Lake Shasta.


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