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Father and daughter at Loaves & Fishes

Dear friend of Loaves & Fishes,

Christmas! The joy of Christmas is for everyone. The spirit of the holidays is for everyone, of every religion.

A season of good will with hopes for a New Year of prosperity and peace.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve for the observant. Packages brought out of hiding for young parents. No worry of spoiling the young ones by adoring and generous grandparents.

Christmas morning’s magic for the children so willing to believe that Santa’s love is especially for them. Christmas dinner that has no equal (except for perhaps Thanksgiving). The full day of joy winds down peacefully with family at home and safe.

We wish it were so for our guests, and we strive to make it so.

Holiday greenery festoons Loaves & Fishes, Christmas trees pop up in every program, the Welcoming Center and Warehouse bustle with the generosity of many. Each of us strives to welcome each guest with dignity and good cheer. Christmas dinner will be bountiful and delicious with a stocking gift for each person and child who comes.

The Savior’s birth is on a starry night within days of the winter solstice – a day with few hours of light and many hours of cold. For our guests December 25th may well be a cold, damp day outside with little light.

Family, gifts and celebrations in church and at the dining room table are unlikely. Mental illness, addiction, unemployment, and poverty – these ongoing burdens nudge some of our fellow Sacramentans towards distress, not joy on December 25th – but for your help.

You, the extraordinary supporters of Loaves & Fishes are the help, the salvation of the thousands of guests that Loaves & Fishes has welcomed for these many years. Yes, the staff here work hard, but we could not begin to serve the crushing numbers of our brothers and sisters at risk of hunger and cold without your volunteer service and unstinting financial support.

May we ask you to be especially generous at this blessed time of year and consider making a donation?

Please know that on this December 25th you will help push back the darkness bearing down on our guests – as you do every day of the year.

It is a miracle.

Merry Christmas to all.


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