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Dear friend of Loaves & Fishes,

Mother and Daughter

Halleluiah! Happy Easter! As spring envelops us, our hearts cannot help but be lightened by all the natural beauty around us. Our older Sacramento neighborhoods sport ancient camellias and azaleas. Even untended fields blaze with mustard. The softness of the air is a benediction after winter’s rain and storms.

Hope springs anew.

Please know that the simplest gift can be a comfort and a catalyst for change. We’d like to share with you a thank you from a grateful mother:

To the wonderful people at Loaves & Fishes,

Recently my 24 year old mentally ill daughter spent several days with you. I want to thank you for the loving care you gave both her and me.

For the past seven years my daughter has been in and out of mental hospitals, room and board homes and group homes. She’s been in jail and been homeless. She has run away and been missing three times. During that time I would have lost my mind if it had not been for God. Just when it seems my heart cannot break any more and that I’ve shed all the tears I possess, the process starts all over again. But this past time, when she was in your care, I was able to feel peaceful.

At first when I heard she was camping out near Loaves & Fishes, I was frantic. Knowing nothing about your program, I feared the worst. I imagined her lying on the ground next to … well, the sort of people a mother would not want her daughter to even know about.

Homeless Guest at Maryhouse

I found out that her possessions had been secured. She had been issued a brand new sleeping bag. She was camping in an area where she was being watched so that no one would hurt her. She was being given her medications and meals. Showers and clean clothes were available to her. They were trying very hard to get her into Sister Nora’s Place. But of course, there was a waiting list.

My daughter finally asked to come back home. But this time I know that if things do not work out, she at least has a place to go where I will not have to worry about her. I have told all of my friends and relatives of the wonderful programs offered by Loaves & Fishes. I have asked all of them to donate to you. I have told them that even a few dollars would help buy one new sleeping bag. Knowing that my daughter was sleeping in a brand new sleeping bag was such a relief to me.

Please thank all your volunteers for me. My daughter was able to keep her dignity throughout her stay with you. She told me that everyone was so kind. She also said that the food was good, so be sure to thank the cooks.

I will always have you in my prayers.


A mother


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