February 2019 Newsletter

Guests find peaceful moments in Friendship Park.

Dear Friend,

It’s never easy to welcome a new guest, as it often means that we are meeting someone new to homelessness. However, one new guest’s story from December has been particularly hard for me to process. Dan is a 69-year old honorably discharged veteran and amputee whose rent more than doubled from $650 to $1,400 a month, a staggering amount that he couldn’t afford. After losing his home, he wandered from couch to couch with various acquaintances until he found himself out of options, having to sleep outside on the streets for the first time.

Joe, our intake specialist in Friendship Park, guided him to a hot cup of coffee, breakfast, and a lunch ticket, and immediately set to learning more about Dan and his needs. Dan broke down repeatedly as he told his story, emotionally overwhelmed by his situation. Joe called around to our various partners in the community until he found Dan a shelter bed, so he wouldn’t have to spend another night sleeping on Sacramento’s streets during a biting winter. p>

Dan’s story has become all too common in our community, as we see more people driven out of housing due to rising costs, and being forced to sleep outside. If this story moves you to action, I encourage you to get involved before this trend grows any worse.

Our Friendship Park staff help our guests with the supplies and resources they need most.


Contact your local representatives and let them know that our community needs more shelter beds, services, and affordable housing.


Help people who are experiencing homelessness by lending a hand where you can. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find a volunteer opportunity that speaks to you, even if you can only help out once a month. We could not provide all of our services without our wonderful volunteers. Many hands make light work!


Make a donation here and provide survival services to our most vulnerable community members. We do not receive any government funding, and rely on the goodwill of our community to help nearly one thousand men, women, and children experiencing homelessness every day. Every dollar helps, especially as we continue to see more and more people falling into homelessness in our community.

Until we have enough affordable housing for everyone in our community, Loaves & Fishes is here to provide survival services without judgment to those who are most in need - services like nutritious meals, hot showers, clean clothes, hygiene items, emergency schooling, shelter, legal services, and so much more.

Thank you for your support, and for making such a profound difference in our community.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director

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